Hello! My name is Jonathan Dury, i’m from France.

I’m a health, fitness and sport photographer base in Budapest, Hungary.


Jonathan is 1m82 tall, he’s sometimes really lazy to shave his beard, love to walk or go to the office by riding inline skates. He was born in a small town near Paris, schooled in a Military boarding school in Autun, and made superior art studies in multimedia design in Paris. He has been working as a Digital Art Director for many agencies first as an intern, in full time position and also as a freelancer. He’s now working for mito in Budapest, Hungary.

Jonathan started photography around 2006 with an old film camera, trying to capture his friends kitesurfing sessions. He evolved really quickly and started to make photo reportage on extreme sports tournaments and still capturing friends session for the fun. In 2010, Jonathan made his debut with fashion photography and studio shoot, mainly doing test shoots for models and models agencies.

2013 is making a big turn in jonathan’s photography career, as it marks his comeback to sports photography. But he’s now doing it with a new angle, mixing fashion and sports, creating more commercial images dedicated to healthness, sports fashion, and action.

Known (or would like to) for his powerful sports imagery, Jonathan has enjoyed the privilege of working with brand like Nike, or people like Johan Passave-Rodriguez or Raphael Chiquet.

Currently calling Budapest home, Jonathan is always in search of the best creatives campaigns and the most fun people to work with. Don’t hesitate to give him a shout!